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The concept for BLU came from my desire to create a casual shore atmosphere with outdoor dining using only the highest quality food.

I started the process with my good friend Aiti. She has been in the restaurant business a long time and is pretty much an expert in the sushi world. Aiti helped me with hiring staff and put me in contact with the best fish distributors to secure the best and freshest fish.

Then, I had the good fortune to hire Jeff Devlin of HGTV fame and Ellen's Design Challenge. He is a good friend of my brother and was amazing in the design and construction of BLU. Jeff did an unbelievable job and exceeded all expectations.

My brother Dean deserves special acknowledgment for his food service knowledge and guidance during the critical start up of a new restaurant. Taking time away from his own family, I want to thank his wife Michele and boys. Dean worked tirelessly with me and I could not not have done it without him.

Special thanks to my wife Pam and my children, Ali, Chelsey and Andrew. Their continued support and patience makes everything worthwhile.

To my brother John and his wife Jennifer, who provide counsel and creativity, and my good friend Edge and his guys for doing the demo on BLU and getting the place built up for Jeff to do his magic. 

I look forward to a long partnership with a great shore community and now with Ridgewood and the surrounding areas. BLU is a a place to hang out, meet up with friends and have the best sushi around in a friendly and relaxed environment.

Thanks for stopping by.

Rob Howarth a.k.a Robbie Wasabi